Strana 99 Strana 99

„Otevřete knihu na straně 99 a čtěte, vyjeví se vám kvalita celé knihy“
Ford Madox Ford, 1873-1939

In and Out

Leon I. Yudkin

Bohemian Jewry is of necessity difficult to categorize as a unitary element in terms of tendency and affiliation. The Jewish community is very ancient and undeniably local. But Bohemian character is of various kinds and colours. We should be wary of confounding collective generalizations with individual preferences and character. We can however generalize about group tendencies to associate with the Czech or German element, or, on the other hand, with a perceived need to reinforce and adapt an inbuilt separateness. These are the forces and the counterforces. We are considering here a nugatory minority staking out a claim, either to be included within the larger blocks of the population, or, contrarily, to be recognized as a legitimate and actual sub-section. Th e diffi culties that Masaryk encountered in the accommodation of rival patterns of ethnic, religious and linguistic diff erence within a single governable unit, were also within the experience of the Jews, in their own accommodation to the changing scenario. Více informací